Atlantic Pearl Chile Ltda, is a Company specialized in drying, cleaning and processing of Gracilaria Chilensis as raw material for production of Agar-agar.

     Chile , has a large extencion of coast where grow many different species of algae, as Gracilaria chilensis and like many other varieties used in the manufacture of additives, there are people also dedicated to marine concessions, with sustainable extraction of these resources, ensuring their availability and natural balance of the ecosystem.

     The company has an excellent infrastructure and extensive facilities with a capacity to process over 325 tons per month of seaweed, ready for distribution.


4. The Seaweeds are transported inside sheds of which are accumulated, and then switch to a new control of impurities.

5. We realized a strict quality control, to revise final impurities and moisture of the Seaweeds.

6. The Seaweeds are carried to the machine bale, which produces bales of 85 kilos ready to pack.

7. The bale is carried to the area of cleaning, weighing, packaging and labeling.

8. The bales are stored in the cellar with all the necessary conditions to maintain a clean, dry and free of any agent that may deteriorate.



Concepción, VIII region Chile
ANGOL 436 OF 1204
PHONE/FAX 56 41 274 8000




Images of the process of the seaweeds


Process of the seaweeds:

1. Following their selection and harvesting from the sea, fresh seaweed are transported to our factory, where it begins a process of selection and cleaning.

2. Later, are carried to a natural drying period, which reaches a maximum moisture content of 17-18% max.

3. The Seaweeds are subject to a phase of deep cleaning, which is done mechanically through a centrifuge, extracting the maximum amount of impurities (sand, salt, shells, etc.).