Product: Dry Gracilaria Chilensis
Code: 001
Origin: Sur de Chile


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Gracilaria Chilensis

Product: Dry Gracilaria Chilensis
Code: 002
Origin: Central zone and north of Chile


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   Raw material for extraction of Agar-agar


What is the Agar-agar?

   The agar agar is a vegetable gelatin, which is obtained from the red seaweeds (Rhodophyceae) mainly from the genus Gellidium and gracilaria trrough a process of extraction and dehydration.

   The agar-agar is native of Japan, though the name is Malay word meaning "seaweed" .Japan is together with Korea, the world´s leading producer of agar.

Agar, Gracilaria

Composition and qualities

   The agar-agar is a complex mixing of polysaccharides (glucides, carbohydrates),agarose, agaropec-tine, galactose and uronic acid: the cellular wall oh these seaweeds is differentiated in an internal layer of cellulose and an external of pectic nature , rich in gelled colloids. The agar-agar is sorce of Magnesium and iron. It´s also provides calcium, potasium and iodine.

   The agar, has an extensive range of applications at different levels of the industry, because it has important qualities:

  *Is a hidrocolloid very soluble in water at 100 ºC and can be dissolved at low temperatures.
  *To contact with cold water swells and may increase up to 30 times their volume.
  *Does not add flavor or aroma and has no color.
  *It is a powerful gelling agent and is a gel termoreversible.
  *Gelifica between 35°C and 43°C and melts between 85°C and 95°C.
  *Does not add calories .

  It is a hydrocolloid that provides gelatins that can support temperatures of sterilization.


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