Welcome to Atlantic Pearl Chile Ltda. ´´´ ´ Innovation, experience and quality , Because the satisfaction of our customers is very important for us´ ´ ´
Atlantic Pearl Chile

     Atlantic Pearl Chile Ltda., is a company dedicated to the processing, marketing and exportation of products of the sea, specially dehydrated seaweeds as raw material for the extraction of additives and hydrocolloids of industrial use, as the agar-agar.

     With an experience of 20 years , Atlantic Pearl Chile Ltda., has reached big levels of quality in our products by introducing and using the best technologies in the diverse processes realized in the factory.

     Atlantic Pearl Chile Ltda., we export our products from the Eighth Region of Chile to the whole world.

Welcome to
Atlantic Pearl Chile Ltda.

    Represents for us a great satisfaction, to be able to offer to our clients all the information and knowledge, and solve all your worries brings over of the managing of our products across our web site; in Atlantic Pearl Chile Ltda., always we have had the commitment with our clients to overcome every day, your needs and expectations, delivering products of excellent quality, they all are WELCOME to our company.


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Concepción, VIII region Chile
ANGOL 436 OF 1204
PHONE/FAX 56 41 274 8000


Location: Concepción

VIII region Chile